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Profiel Jan Siemons

Chairman : The International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC)

februari 2016 – heden (7 maanden)Amsterdam


The International Trade & Investment Center (ITIC) is a private trade & investment promotion foundation with a non-traditional approach. ITIC is established by top executives from the international business world, media, and knowledge institutes in Europe. ITIC combines cross-border trade and investment promotion with leading innovation in dealmaking solutions.
ITIC consists of a team of seasoned business professionals with global experience in a diversity of competencies and skills. The team has proven to be a value-adding partner in the market of trade and investment, internationalization strategy, and location solutions, as well as in the implementation of these solutions; working with an international network of alliances and experts with offices in focus countries: Turkey, India, China, the USA, Japan, and Iran.
ITIC represents a platform for the business community that is internationally active or has the
ambition to become so. ITIC reaches these goals by implementing the following instruments:
1. Organizing network activities (networking events, international summits, seminars and trade and investment missions for hit teams);
2. Using and connecting Trade & Investment Business Councils to companies, knowledge institutions and (semi-)governments. As a federation of regional Trade & Investment Business Councils with operations in the respective countries, ITIC forms a worldwide network of knowledge, experience and contacts;
3. Providing individual advice in the value chain of trade and investment promotion.


Vice Chairman : EU-China Business Association – EUCBA

juli 2015 – heden (1 jaar 2 maanden)Zenith Building, Boulevard Roi Albert II, 37 1030 Brussels, BELGIUM


Japan Business Council

Founder and chairman

september 2014 – heden (2 jaar)


Co-Founder and board member

Turkey Business Council

december 2014 – heden (1 jaar 9 maanden)The Hague and Istanbul

Co-founder and board member

Europe India Trade and Investment Council

juni 2014 – heden (2 jaar 3 maanden)The Hague


Taiwan Netherlands joint business council

juni 2013 – heden (3 jaar 3 maanden)Taipei


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